2019 Supreme Court 200th Year Celebration

nc supreme court celebration 2018

Summary of Event

The North Carolina Supreme Court will celebrate its 200th birthday next year.  The Society will be heavily involved in the planning and financing of numerous events commemorating this magnificent milestone in our state’s history.  In addition to an extraordinary Gala celebrating the Court’s birthday, current plans also include an Exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History.  The focus of the Exhibit will be on the development of our state’s legal system and the role of the courts in that development.  Please know that The Society is diligently working with both the Gala and the Exhibit planners to provide financial support for their programs.

Another exciting event celebrating the occasion of the 200th will be the premier of a new documentary.  This planned television production will trace the development of our Supreme Court, and its vital impact on our state’s citizens.  The Society is helping to underwrite this documentary project, which is under the direction of Tom Earnhardt, the award-winning writer and producer behind the well-known UNC-TV series, Exploring North Carolina.

Please know that your membership in the Society is instrumental in helping to support the preservation of our state’s legal history and to educate our citizens on the importance of the third branch of government.  Accordingly, your support is also crucial to the successful celebration of our Supreme Court’s 200th birthday. We look forward to a year of extraordinary events and we thank you in advance for your vital continued support as we put forth our finest efforts to further that mission.

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