Furches, David

David M Furches
Furches, David
5 Jan. 1901 - 1903
Born: 21 Apr 1832, Davie Co., NC
Died: 8 Jun 1908
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Statesville, N C
Education: Union Academy,
Judge Richmond Pearson,
Richmond Hill Law School
Read Law:
Admitted: 1857
State Convention: 1865
App’t Superior Court: 1875
Term expired: Jan 1879
Elected to Supreme Court: Nov 1894
App’t Chief Justice: 5 Jan 1901
Term expired: 1903
Preceded by:
Associate Justice: James McRae
Chief Justice: William T. Faircloth
Succeeded by:
Associate Justice: Charles Cook
Chief Justice: Walter Clark
Number of Opinions:
552 Majority
29 Dissenting
16 Concurring
597 Total
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